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Note: This documentation and most other files listed here are the work of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, and any corrections should be brought to his attention. Some of this documentation, particularly those files relating to operating practices, is applicable to MacAPRS and WinAPRS as well as dosAPRS. Other parts of this documentation apply dosAPRS only.

Frequency note: Throughout this documentation, the primary APRS frequency is listed as 144.390, and this is mostly true in the U.S. and Canada. To better accommodate the upcoming SAREX and other Amateur Radio experiments on manned space missions, most digipeater owners have agreed to vacate the former primary frequency of 145.790 in favor of 144.390, which is in the former "New OSCAR Subband".

Miniature APRS Frequency MapThe changeover is all but complete, with the remaining areas not on 144.390 primarily being regions that do not have a dedicated APRS network. Your best resource in this matter is currently the APRS Frequency Map, as well as monitoring for APRS activity in your area on 144.39, 145.79, 145.010, or other frequencies in your area "known for packet".

For areas outside north America, I am slowly accumulating data to improve upon the European (and other) APRS maps. Common frequencies to try within Europe are 144.8000, 144.8125, and 144.6500, in that order of popularity.

The latest REPORTED digipeater list is DIGIS.POS, which can be used by all versions of APRS (Win/MacAPRS Log File version available, too). This file will be updated as changes are received. If your digi isn't listed here, send its information, in the form of a position report with PHG information, to Jeff KA9VNV. Be sure you follow the rules of submission. For the gates out there, try GATES.POS v980819.

An overlay file showing the locations of NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) transmitters is now available. This file can be found at the web site NOAA Weather Stations - APRS Overlay File. This file is compatible with DOS, Win and Mac versions of APRS.

Note: With version 8.30, all documentation files were revised in format, most with no change to the content. This changed the timestamp on the files, so my simplified version tracking method has been thrown off. However, since Bob Bruninga also reviewed the contents during the change, I will consider the files dated January 24 or 25, 1999 as being "Version 8.30 files"

Current DOS APRS version: 8.76
NOTE! v8.45 has several bugs that make upgrading to v8.46 or later important!

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