Rules of Digipeater Submissions

I know that some confusion exists out there over what stations should be included in DIGIS.POS. And some exists over how to handle ambiguous data, such as a digi you KNOW is there, but, for some reason, you can't get a call sign on. Since I've elected to be anal retentive about this list, I want to run some rules and suggestions by the group for comment, and to make this list the best there is.

Rule 1: Digis listed must be on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, except for those times when they need maintenance. Part-time digis can be eligible, under certain circumstances, but this is to be only an interim measure.

Rule 2: If you don't want the exact position of the digi known, let me know. There exists a method in APRS for "ambiguous positions", and we can utilize it if necessary.

Rule 3: Information required will be in one of the following formats: Standard (prefered!) APRS posit format, i.e.:

MYCALL-15!0000.00N?00000.00W?PHG0000 comments

Where ?? are the APRS symbol codes, optional comment at end, PHG REQUIRED

Alternatively, you may send me an email message, giving the MYCALL transmitted by the digi, its location in APRS lat/long format (, symbol characters it uses (see SYMBOLS.TXT in APRS/DOS documentation), Power, Height above average (local) terrain, antenna system Gain in db, and what direction, if any, the antenna array radiates, and I'll form the database entry.

Rule 4: Digis do NOT have to be in the "ideal spot" to be included. If you have an area where your network is still developing, and do not have a permanent digi up yet, let me know what station you ARE using as a digi. Preferably, this digi will have at least an alias of RELAY, and WIDE if there is no "real" WIDE in the area. When in doubt, send me a message, describing your network - we can work out something to put your net on the air (and in the list) in a relatively "standard" way.

Rule 5: I reserve the right to "standardize" your listing, i.e., if you are using the older "/#" symbol format, with "W-R" or "WIDE-RELAY" in the comment field, for a Wide-Relay station, it will be changed in the listing to the newer "\#", "T#" or appropriate new format for posting. I will, of course, inform you of this, so that you can change your BTEXT to the newer, standardized format, if you wish...

Suggestions: When reporting Mic-E compatible repeaters, especially because of the paranoia of voice repeater owners, we can make the position ambiguous to various degrees. Deleting one or both digits of the decimal portion of the latitude and longitude is acceptable, but please give an estimate of the PHG info. The power isn't as important, other than for plotting range, since it's the HEARING side that determines a Mic-E's usefulness.

Check what DIGIS.POS plots in your area; are there digipeaters in there that aren't on the air, or are there digis in your area that aren't in DIGIS.POS? Let me know - I want to make corrections! I also want to know what frequency your area operates on, as that info will be incorporated into the list as it becomes available! Any other questions, contact me direct, or post your suggestions to the APRSSIG list for comment by others. Thanks!

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