European APRS Frequency map

The following countries have reported their operating frequencies to me:

Country Frequency INET->RF
Austria 144.8000
Belgium 144.8000
Denmark 144.8000
Finland 144.8000
France 144.8000
Greece 144.8000
Hungary 144.8000
Italy 144.8000
The Netherlands 144.8000
Norway 144.8000
Portugal 144.8000
Slovenia 144.8000
Spain 144.8000
Sweden 144.8000
Switzerland 144.8000
Turkey 144.8000
United Kingdom 144.8000
Australia 145.1750
Brazil 145.5700

2004-08-08 Update

As of this date, all reporting countries in Europe are on 144.8000 MHz, in compliance with the IARU region 1 conference in 2002, which had decided on an APRS frequency recommendation for Europe (PDF). Quoting Tapio Sokura oh2kku in May of 2003:

The recommended frequency is 144.800 MHz. Almost all European APRS activity is there already, now it's also in the official bandplan.

Tapio oh2kku has sent an updates this weekend (7-8 August 2004), regarding Finland's and Denmark's APRS usage, filling in the final pieces to the puzzle, even if the changes actually occured in 2003... Quoting:

When setting up one APRS digipeater I remembered your pages on european APRS frequencies. All APRS activity in Finland on 2 meters is nowadays on 144.800 MHz, so you can remove all references to 144.825 MHz being used in Finland.

OK, so the latest word remains that most of Europe will be operating on 144.8000, eventually. My personal recommendation, based upon the reports I've received, is to monitor 144.8000 first before setting up an APRS transmitting station. If you do not see or hear any activity on 144.8000, try listening to 144.8125 in countries not listed above. However, we're moving ever closer to a unified APRS frequency for Europe.

The balance of this information will be subject to change, as the new IARU recommendations are adopted.

In addition to 144.8000 in Sweden in the 2m band, there APRS is activity on 433.8000, 14.1500, and several 6m frequencies. Additionally, there are gateways between 2m, 20m, and 70cm bands.

While obviously not part of Europe, Australia has officially set aside 145.1750 for APRS use.

I have one report for South America, with Sao Paulo, Brazil operating on 145.7800.

Internet gateways have been established in Southeastern U.K, and Luxembourg on 144.8000, sending local data to the internet feed. Note: Regulations in some countries restrict rebroadcast of internet data to RF.

More as reports are given.

Please let me know what frequency or frequencies you are using for APRS in your area, so that I can keep this map updated!

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