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Small APRS Frequency Map

Map and text only U.S. APRS 2m frequency coverage.
European APRS frequency map

Latest APRS Digipeater Overlay and Log files, generated now, while you wait! Digis plotted on major activity maps of the world.
Report an unlisted digi here.

Projects in development!
Build an APRS-compatible weather station that doesn't need a TNC to transmit! The new µWeatherTM (pronounced Micro Weather) project kits are now available.
Speak APRS with the CybikoTM hand-held "kid's PDA", with KR1ST's UI frame client. Check the link for an inexpensive KISS TNC (with GPS input) to put it on the air.

Visit the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station home page!

NIAN APRS Discussion - replacement for the old "building your APRS network" page that was never updated. An easy-to-use way to find APRS information and discuss it with people who know what's going on.

Setting up a KPC-3 Plus or KAM 98 with version 8.3 software as a dual-mode tracker for APRS.

Setting up a KPC-3 or KPC-3 Plus with version 8.2 software as a DIGIPEATER for APRS, or any Kantronics TNC as a STAND-ALONE TRACKER with version 6.0 or later software.

Using a PicoPacket as a dual-mode tracker for APRS.

Looking for less in the way of a tracker? Check out the Byonics TinyTrak as a minimal tracker...

The following links will take you to the latest versions of each APRS program:
APRS for DOS (original, requires 8088 or better, 640K RAM, VGA)
WinAPRS (32-bit Windows program, needs Win95/98 or Win 3.1 plus Win32s extensions)
MacAPRS (available for 68K or Power PC Macintosh computers)
APRS Plus SA (allows you to run Win95/98 Delorme Street Atlas 4 or later with as an APRS station)
APRS for Win/CE, with support for most Win/CE devices, as well as most APRS map formats
Xastir (an open-source APRS-compatible system under development for Linux and other X-capable systems)
AGW Packet Engine for Windows 9x adds support for Baycom modems, KISS TNCs and even sound cards to WinAPRS, APRS Plus SA, and other programs.

Bob Bruninga's APRS Home Page. Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Web Site, with links to all versions of APRS software.

Old stuff: Building a digipeater inside an old computer... or make your APRS computer a more integrated affair! (not as neat as a software TNC under Linux, but...)

Alan N2YGK's APRS digipeater software for Linux has been updated to include such things as being able to link digipeaters across vast distances using TCP/IP. More information is available in the tarball.

The following links are to other sites with APRS-related information:
Northern Illinois APRS Network has discussion forums for APRS topics.
Kansas City APRS Working Group
Steve Dimse's APRS Virtual Meeting site (includes information on JavAPRS)

Need to renew your license right away? Check out the FCC's Electronic Renewal page, which will tell you how to do it ONLINE (within 120 days of your expiration date)!

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